Protecting Our Watersheds!

3rd Grade Curriculum
Theme: Habitats and Species Overview

Ten immersive lessons ranging from water and climate to habitats and species.

Students gain first-hand experience studying the rainbow trout life cycle through Trout in the Classroom.

This program culminates with the Lopez Lake trout release field trip and other hands-on activities.


Lesson 1
Water in Nature

Students identify different patterns of water in nature, and use natural materials to observe how water interacts with nature. This lesson involves getting the students outdoors.

Lesson 2
Water Moving in a Watershed

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Lesson 3
Local Natural Hazards

Lesson 4
The Water Cycle

Lesson 5
Water Conservation

Lesson 6

Lesson 7
The Story of Goldilox

Lesson 8
Local Habitats

Lesson 9
Litter Timeline

Lesson 10
Litter Letter Campaign

Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust & San Luis Coastal Unified School District Partnerships

“We appreciate the Miossi Charitable Trust and Creek Lands Conservation for helping San Luis Coastal Unified School District to engage students in outdoor nature experiences” -Kimberly McGrath, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services at (SLCUSD)

“This opportunity to support SLCUSD at a level that can engage every student in learning to love and protect Central Coast ecology is in keeping with the legacy Harold J. Miossi wanted to leave” -Howard Carroll, Trustee of the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust

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