Public Service Announcement

You’re never too young to protect a habitat. Remember the first time you felt connected to nature! Read More

Citizen Science: Crowd Hydrology

Everyone has the chance to be a scientist with our Crowd Hydrology program. Through signs… Read More

Education: Trout Goes to School

You’re never too young to protect a habitat. Our volunteers help students uncover… Read More

What We Do

For 35 years, CreekLands has protected and restored ecosystems across the Central Coast through sustainable programs and educational outreach.

We collaborate with scientists, volunteers, researchers and students to protect our local watersheds. In doing so, we realize how interconnected we all are.

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Featured Project: Salinas River

We partnered with Stillwater Sciences to be the Salinas Watershed Management Coordinator with the Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District. The Salinas River starts at the mountains above Lake Santa Margarita.  Read More

What’s New: From the Blog

There’s a plethora of organisms that inhabit Morro Bay. The intertidal animals reside in every nook and cranny. The organism that we focused on monitoring today is the Olympia oyster. Read More

Get Involved: Learning, Education, Fun and Adventure.

When we rally around the revival of our ecosystems, we become more revived ourselves. From environmental restoration projects to classroom education, learn about volunteer opportunities that connect you with nature and your community.

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