Enhancing our California coastal communities through restoration science, education and stewardship.

Help us revive the Central Coast’s natural resources!

Our Mission

Conserving California wildlife habitat and species through science and education

Our work protecting watersheds, restoring creeks and estuaries, and helping recover iconic California species begins with you. Your support will help make a lasting difference, from Monterey to Ventura.

Creek Lands Conservation works to bring balance between nature and natural resource utilization


Community Partners Making A Difference

Our Priorities

Restoration Science

We are committed to understanding the unique attributes of Central Coast wildlife habitat, so people can make informed choices about natural resource utilization.


Central Coast restoration, conservation and sustainability challenges are bigger than any one organization can address, so we thrive together with a wide range of partners.

Get Engaged

Effective ecosystem stewardship requires good understanding, and deep connections. When people get outside and learn how nature works they want to be involved with environmental care.

Help Nature Thrive

How can we use creekwater more efficiently so there’s enough for growers and wild trout? What’s happening with the Pismo Clam? Can we save the White Abalone?  These are some of the questions we are working on, and we need your help!

Creek Lands Conservation helps growers understand how water usage affects aquatic habitat and how to establish balance between agricultural operations and nature

California's Central Coast

The rugged beauty of the Central Coast is beloved by millions around the globe. People also depend on these lands and waters for agriculture and other economic interests. Creek Lands Conservation is dedicated to helping Central Coast communities find sustainable balance between human activities and healthy ecosystems. 

Stay Connected

Tune in to learn about Central Coast Conservation and support ecological resilience.


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