Science and Collaboration to Restore Central Coast Lands

Our local creeks and surrounding lands give our communities their beauty and charm, our farms and ranches their economic vitality, and nurture the fish and wildlife that call them home. Creek Lands Conservation sustains and enhances both creeks and lands by working with private and public groups to promote resiliency as inevitable changes unfold locally and around the globe.

Arroyo Grande Creek Trails

The Arroyo Grande Creek Trail System project enhances parks and open space, using natural solutions to improve air and water quality and create more walkable and bike-able trails, serving the following functions:

  • Education and interpretation for the public and local students.
  • Watershed rehydration using stormwater capture and groundwater recharge.
  • Connector between east and west ends of the Village along the upslope and Arroyo Grande Creek top-of-bank enabling safe travel for people and wildlife.
  • Planning Safe Route to School for Paulding Middle School students.

There are three phases to the overall project:

    • Phase I is the Paulding Education Trails—complete.
    • Phase II is the Lucia Mar Nature Trail— design phase is 60% complete. Next step is to secure funding for construction. The Lucia Mar Nature Trail is the beginning of a larger effort to revitalize the Arroyo Grande Creek. The trail will serve as an educational tool to show the general public the benefits of having a healthy creek ecosystem. The Plan involves removing invasive plant species, planting California natives, and restoring habitat.
    • Phase III connects the Arroyo Grande Creek Trail to existing city sidewalks, trails and parks.

California's Central Coast 

The rugged beauty of the Central Coast is beloved by millions around the globe. People also depend on these lands and waters for agriculture and other economic interests. Creek Lands Conservation is dedicated to helping Central Coast communities find sustainable balance between human activities and healthy ecosystems. 

Lands Restoration Projects


In partnership with California State Parks, we are developing restoration plans for the Villa Creek Estuary, near Cayucos, for fish and wildlife.

Pismo Creek Arundo Removal

In partnership with the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, over 4 miles of invasive Giant reed (Arundo donax) has been removed from creek lands along Pismo Creek. Arroyo Grande Creek Arundo is mapped and ready for removal. Help us make it happen.

Assessing Fire Damaged Environments, and Designing Fish Friendly Roads

  • Preventing and reducing soil erosion after fire is key to protecting water and land resources. We have produced the Manzana Creek Erosion Control and Sediment Reduction Plan for the US Forest Service Los Padres National Forest. Support implementation of the plan.