Protecting Our Watersheds! Environmental Literacy

Protecting Our Watersheds! Environmental Literacy

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POW! Trout in the Classroom - LIVE STREAM

Pacheco Trout Tank

Monarch Grove Trout Tank

Project Overview

San Luis Coastal Unified School District and Creek Lands Conservation, with funding support from the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust, are pleased to provide every 3rd and 4th grade student with environmental literacy education aligned to NGSS and California’s Environmental Principles and Concepts. The goals of the program are to ensure that every 3rd and 4th grade student has an opportunity to learn basic ecological principles and to establish fulfilling connections with local native plants, animals, and natural processes. 

Rainbow trout, also known as steelhead trout when they successfully migrate to the sea, will provide a thematic foundation to guide students and teachers through the program. Understanding steelhead life cycles and habitat requirements leads to a deep understanding of food webs and the interconnectedness of all life in the watershed and near-shore ecosystems, including humans and our impact. 

Third graders receive Trout in the Classroom, including special aquarium equipment to raise trout from eggs to fingerlings. Teacher-led Habitats & Species lessons prepare students for a trout-release field trip, and an engaging field experience on the day of the release helps students anchor the lessons while building connections with the outdoors.
This model of teacher-led learning concepts, reinforced through immersive field experiences to engage students in the real world, continues in 4th grade with an emphasis on Ecosystems and Foodwebs. 


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