Don Chartrand

Don brings a passion for California’s natural heritage, along with a history of building teams to take on big challenges. As a pioneer in the field of human and social resilience, he has helped city and county governments, military personnel, first responders, corporations, universities, and nonprofits to become more resilient. At CCSE, Don works to… Read more »

Stephnie Wald

Steph has been Central Coast Salmon Enhancement’s Watershed Projects Manager since 2003. Her passion is helping CCSE think like a watershed by accomplishing the completion of watershed management plans for Nipomo Creek, Arroyo Grande Creek, Pismo Creek, Santa Rosa Creek, Big Sur River and the San Antonio and Naciemiento Rivers with partner agencies on the… Read more »

Aleksandra Wydzga

Aleksandra has a B.S. in hydrology with an emphasis in aquatic biology from UCSB, and a M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UW. She has 15 years of private and public sector experience in analyzing, designing, constructing, and monitoring all aspects of stream restoration and river management projects along the west coast of the United States. Aleksandra… Read more »

Tosha Punches

Tosha Punches is a credentialed K-6 educator and has previously served as the Program Director of a local children’s STEM discovery center. She has collaborated with local college, university, and industry professionals to bring STEM education into the lives of local children through formal and informal methods. Tosha is currently working with CCSE through the Trout… Read more »

Tim Delany

Tim has B.S. from Cal Poly in environmental management and protection, with a concentration in watershed management and hydrology. He conducts low flow and water quality monitoring in creeks and data management to enhance Steelhead trout habitat. Tim brings hands-on hydrology experience through his rigorous education and experience working for San Luis Obispo County’s Water… Read more »

Megan Albee

Megan is a journalism student at Cal Poly with a double minor in global politics and media, arts, society and technology. Growing up near the rivers of northern California, she is excited to help promote the vision of Central Coast Salmon Enhancement. Her goal is to help tell the story of the nonprofit over the years… Read more »